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There Are No Quick Fixes

I hate to burst your bubble, but quick fixes don’t work.

If you can grasp this idea you can achieve just about anything.

You see in this day and age everyone is looking for the quick fix. Not only is everyone looking, but there are people out there trying to sell it as well. This has created a lot of confusion and frustration on how success and achievement really work.

You may be able to lose weight in 90 days, but it will come back.

You may be able to claim bankruptcy and get rid of a lot of debt, but it will more than likely come back.

Why, because those things are symptoms of your behavior. Your behavior is what needs to change and there are no quick fixes to your behavior. It takes time, lots of it.

Also, there is no arrival, there is no “I’ve made it” when it comes to behavior. Behavior is a daily choice and you have to choose success every single day.

I will not eat junk food.

I will wake up early and read.

I will go to the gym and workout.

I will save money.

I will be patient with my spouse.

I will not sleep in.

I will not overspend.

It’s a choice every single day.

So whatever it is you are working on just prepare yourself now. There is no quick fix. It is going to take time and I am going to choose to become better every single day.

If you can understand this and embrace it, you will win every single time.


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