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We're Helping People End Financial Stress For Good

Imagine waking up, having your coffee, and getting ready for your day without a single worry about debt and money. It's possible!

Learn How To Stop Stressing About Money In This Free Course!

Does this sound like anything you're going through?

  • Exhausted living paycheck-to-paycheck and just getting by month-after-month.
  • Waking up in the middle of the night feeling stressed and anxious about debt and bills.
  • Hopelessly looking for answers to your financial questions.
  • Feeling insecure with little savings, or maybe no savings at all.
  • Your Financial problems are overwhelming to you. You feel scared and maybe even embarrassed.
  • You feel stuck. You want to improve your finances, but you're not sure where to start.
  • Is money a touchy subject in your marriage or relationship that leads to fights and arguments?
  • You feel like you make a good income, but it never seems like it's enough.

It seems many people are struggling with some of these common challenges. Imagine if you could spend your days not stressing about debt, payments, and money? It's possible, and we can show you how! 

Learn How To Stop Stressing About Money In This Free Course!

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"Since my husband and I joined Roots, we've implemented a monthly budget and a plan for paying off our debt. This alone has been life-changing; it has allowed us to pay off $46,000 in debt, save $6,000, and have become completely debt-free. We have so much more freedom to do what we want day to day without stressing about money."

Amber T.
Roots of Personal Finance Member

Follow These 8 Steps For Hope!

If you find yourself behind on bills, I want to give you some steps that will help you take control of your situation and get back on track! These steps have helped people save and pay off millions of dollars. You can do this too!

"Joining Roots is probably the best thing we did for us as a couple. This membership helped us learn and change our spending behaviors before it became a big problem in our marriage. It has brought us closer as we work towards a common goal...becoming debt free. We've paid off $427,000 and we are now completely debt free! Thanks Brad!"

Kura L.
Roots of Personal Finance Member

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Roots Is The Real Deal And It Will Change Your Life!

While it’s by no means a “get rich quick” scheme, anyone with the discipline to follow simple steps can do this and get their finances back on track!

When getting started, one of the biggest reasons people struggle with saving money, paying off debt, and getting on a plan with their money is they don't know where to begin. What should you do first?

But in Roots, we break everything down in an easy to understand and implement method.

The annual membership is built to ensure you get the education, support, and accountability you need to kick debt and financial stress for good.

There’s no question about what to do and when to do it. We are right there with you, and we will walk you through this simple process, step by step.

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"Roots of Personal Finance has helped my family knock out $240,000 worth of debt in four years! Not only are my finances under control, but my business is debt-free too! My husband and I are now planning for our future by filling our retirement."

Christina T.
Roots of Personal Finance Member

Introducing... The Totally Awesome Debt Freedom Planner

If you LOVE planners, this is for YOU!

Do you know why planners frustrate me? Because they only get it half right. Sure, they are really fancy at helping you manage your time, which is important. 

But where they get it wrong is MONEY! Most planners don't include ANY financial planning.

Things like:

  • Keeping track of paydays

  • Bills and due dates

  • Spending

  • Yearly expenses

  • Budgets

  • Cash flow planning

  • Debt elimination plan

  • Goal planning

That all ends today!

The Totally Awesome Debt Freedom Planner will help you organize your financial life, once and for all. 

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Learn the first steps to kick debt and financial stress!

Are you looking for help and answers to your financial challenges and you aren't sure where to begin? Look no further! Our FREE course is a great way to get started so you know what you should work on first in order to reach a stress-free financial life.