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We have helped people save and pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars by teaching them a simple process that allows them take back control of their money! Our members are winning and so can you!

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We've worked with many people, and one of the common questions we get is what to do to save more money! Well, here are the top 10 things we suggest to our clients and it is yours for FREE! 

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Looking for help with your finances? Our FREE course, LIFE WITHOUT PAYMENTS has helped people save and pay off thousands of dollars. And it's absolutely FREE! Enroll today, get acquainted with what we do, and get your finances on a brand new path to financial freedom!

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"Brad is a wonderful financial coach. First of all, he has been where we are which makes it easier for him to understand the trials and tribulations that we have. All of the information is easy to comprehend and implement."

Roots of Personal Finance Member

Are You Struggling With Money and Debt?

Many people do! You don't have to feel alone. Our current members have all experienced these items from one degree to another. But now they are having success, and so can you!

  • Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you run out of money before all of your bills are paid?
  • Do you feel hopeless with your financial situation? Do you have a hard time seeing a way out?
  • Do you have little savings, maybe no savings at all?
    Have you made poor financial decisions in the past?
  • Do you feel stress, anxiety, and lose sleep over your financial situation?
  • Do you want to work on your finances, but you're not sure where to start? 
  • Is money a touchy subject that leads to arguing or fighting in your marriage or relationship? 
  • Do you make a good income and still feel like you can't get ahead? 
  • Are you a single parent and in need of financial guidance and support?

We offer hope, education and direction.

Let us share how we help our members have success with their finances.


Are you ready to take control of your money and your future? Get started today!

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An Affordable Membership That Can Change Your Financial Life!

Roots of Personal Finance is our membership and coaching program. Just like many people have a gym membership to get physically fit, you now have a gym membership for your finances. We aren't lifting weights or running sprints here. We are budgeting, saving and crushing debt for good. Roots members are having amazing success and they have saved and paid of hundreds of thousands of dollars! Now, it's your turn!

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"I think our biggest win was making the decision to take our finances seriously. Making the decision to budget, keep track of income, and seeing that saving and paying off debt is the most important thing to fulfilling our dreams."

Roots of Personal Finance Member

There Is Another Way

Are you worried and afraid when it comes to debt, finances, and the security of your future? You are not alone. We can relate because we too have dealt with our own emotions and issues with debt and money. With some hard work and a simple plan you can improve your emotional well being, relationships, parenting, marriage, family, and your career. By being financially free you will have the opportunity to achieve your dreams. A life without debt is possible. We did it and so can you!

Imagine a Life With No Payments

Imagine a life free of financial stress. Imagine a life where you have money in your savings account. Imagine a life where you pay yourself first and not all that debt. Imagine a life where you wake up and you get to decide what you want to do because you are free from the chains of debt and are no longer owned by any thing or any job. Guess what? It's all possible!

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