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FINALLY! A Financial Planning Tool That Works With Your Planner!

This is the best companion tool for your planner that will save you time and frustration.

Oh, and it will also help you save tons of money and crush your debt... if you're into that kinda thing.


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 The Totally Awesome Debt Freedom Planner is undated, and will help you start organizing your financial life today!


I know what you're thinking, "Brad, I already have a planner, do I really need this?"

There are planners everywhere nowadays. But what's frustrating is most of the planners don't include financial tools to help you plan and organize your finances.

That stinks!

Welcome to your happier and stress-free financial life!

The fact that you’re reading this tells me something. It tells me that you don’t want to settle for average in your financial life.

That’s a big deal because average is BROKE!

Why does the Totally Awesome Debt Freedom Planner exist?

(If you want to skip the back story, scroll ahead for all the details about The Debt Freedom Planner.)

Well, let me give you a little back story. Back in my early thirties, I hit rock bottom. My marriage was ending. My home was in foreclosure, and I was absolutely broke. On top of that, I recently had become a first-time dad to my son, Noah. To say I was scared is an understatement.

I decided to make some serious changes in my life. I literally dropped every goal I had, and I started a crusade to learn about money and debt. To my surprise, I discovered I had it all wrong.

One of the biggest mistakes I was making was not spending time on my finances. It’s funny looking back, I would spend 50-60 hours a week working two jobs to make money to cover my bills, but I wasn’t spending any time outside of work managing my money.

You know, working on things like goal setting, budgeting, expense tracking, time management, and a solid debt elimination plan. It’s pretty crazy how spending 15-30 minutes per day on your finances can change your life.

Between my wife and me, we paid off $78,000, and we are going on our sixth year of living 100% DEBT FREE!

Back in 2016, I opened my financial coaching business and online membership site, Roots of Personal Finance. We’ve now helped our members save and pay off tens-of-millions of dollars.

Over the years, many of our members started making their very own homemade debt freedom planners! They were fantastic! They included their budgets, goals, expenses, debt elimination plans, calendars, and so much more!

Here was the downside, these homemade planners were time-consuming, and not everyone is super crafty. That’s when the requests started coming in to create a planner that would include everything our members would need to reach a debt-free life, and that’s when the Totally Awesome Debt Freedom Planner was born!

Getting out of debt is hard. This planner will make it easier.

This planner comes with years of practice and hard work, and the tools and resources you’ll find have been time tested.

Simply put, if you use this planner, your financial life will improve! You’ll pay off more debt, save more money, you'll reach goals, and reduce financial stress.

I know personal finance can be a scary topic. What I have found is when you have the right tools and resources, and you begin to take action, much of that fear starts to disappear.

You can do this!

What's In The Planner?

The Debt Freedom Planner isn't meant to replace your current planner.  It is meant to be a companion tool to help you manage your money. 


Fail Proof Budget Sheets for Every Month

The secret to budgeting is consistency. Your Debt Freedom Planner includes:

  • Twelve monthly budgets that will help you take control of your money and reduce wasteful spending habits. 
  • Help you locate ordinary expenses that should be accounted for.
  • Tools that prevent forgetfulness with our organized categories.
  • Help you prioritize the essential items in your financial life.
  • Give you a clear picture of your monthly cash flow plan so that you can reach and exceed your goals.
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A Powerful Tool to Help You Destroy Debt for Good!

It's been proven by multiple studies that the debt snowball is the best tool to pay off your debt, FAST!

  • Twelve snowball worksheets for every month.
  • Never heard of the debt snowball? No worries! We include instructions and a FREE course to help you put this fantastic tool to work for you! 
  • This simple tool will layout a simple debt elimination plan that has helped people pay off MILLIONS of dollars. 
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"This is what I love about my Debt Freedom Planner!"

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Anna Parrish

Roots of Personal Finance Member

Hi, Brad! I love the planner. I love the yearly goals and the monthly goals. I love all the check boxes and the to do items! 

Track Your Paydays, Bills, Due Dates, and To-Dos All In One Place!

Banks and financial institutions make BILLIONS of dollars off of late fees and overdraft fees. The Debt Freedom Planner includes monthly trackers to track your:

  • Undated Calendars
  • Paydays
  • Bill Due Dates
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Check Boxes
  • Daily Financial To-Dos
  • Bills Coming Up Reminder

You will never have to worry about forgetting or being late again. Ahhh, STRESS-FREE!

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Track Goals, Spending, Saving, and Review Your Progress!

The Debt Freedom Planner includes tools to help you:

  • Break down your yearly goals into monthly goals with your monthly goal tracker.
  • Track your cash/card daily spending. This is a great tool to locate problem areas in your finances.
  • Also, are you saving for the holidays, a new car, or a cash vacation? Keep tabs on your saving goals with the monthly saving and sinking funds tracker.
  • Then, take time every month to measure your progress and your results with your month review worksheet.  
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"No More Overdraft Fees and Everything Was Paid On Time!"

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Regina Henke

Roots of Personal Finance Member

I love the planner! I love that there is a spot for bill due dates, and monthly and yearly goal setting... and the debt snowball forms! I will buy this yearly!

Stay Out Of Debt By Planning Ahead for Upcoming Expenses!

The best way to stay out of debt is to make a plan, so you don't need to depend on it. Your yearly tracker will help you:

  • Plan for future expenses.
  • I also give you a fantastic cheat sheet of the most commonly missed expenses that people forget.
  • Goal setting is so vital to your financial future. We include a space for you to capture all of your short-term and long-term financial goals.
  • We even include a vision board space for you to create a picture of your future life! 


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Trouble Getting Started? No Worries, I've Got Your Back.

Your Debt Freedom Planner includes:

  • Instructions, tips, and best practices.
  • My FREE course to help you get started.
  • Not only that, I am going to share some amazing insights that have helped my members save and pay off tens-of-millions of dollars! 
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Gretchen Magura

Roots of Personal Finance Member

I LOVE IT! I can keep everything together in one place, and I can finally ditch the paper clips and calendar printouts. I love the month review! It helps me see what I can improve on for the following month, etc.  

The Totally Awesome Debt Freedom Planner


Top features

  • Undated - Start Using It Today!
  • Size - 8.5x11
  • Hassle-Free Wire-O Binding
  • Full-Color
  • 12 Fail Proof Budget Worksheets
  • 12 Debt Snowball Worksheets
  • Yearly Goals Declaration
  • Yearly Expense Tracker
  • Expense Cheat Sheet
  • Monthly Goals Declaration
  • Monthly Payday, Bills, To-Do Trackers
  • Daily Spending Tracker
  • Monthly Saving / Sinking Fund Tracker
  • Month Review and Progress Worksheet
  • Instructions to Get Started, Tips, and Best Practices. 
  • FREE - Debt Freedom Planner Course!
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