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"This is the best decision I've probably made in my life with regards to business and finances. Seriously, thank you so much for sharing your struggle, your experience and how to get out of it!"

Tiffany M.

Discover A New Life! A Life Without Payments!


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you run out of money before all of your bills are paid?
  • Do you feel hopeless with your financial situation? Do you have a hard time seeing a way out?
  • Do you have little savings, maybe no savings at all?
  • Do you feel stress, anxiety, and lose sleep over your financial situation? Have you made poor financial decisions in the past?
  • Do you want to improve your finances, but you're not sure where to start?
  • Is money a touchy subject that leads to arguing or fighting in your marriage or relationship?
  • Do you make a good income and still feel like you can't get ahead?
  • Are you worried that you won't be able to save enough for retirement or college funds?
Our members have all experienced these items from one degree to another. But now they are having success, and so can you!

No Payments, For Real?
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Many people struggle with money and debt. Nobody wants to be broke and many people want to improve their situations. The challenge for many is they don't know where to begin. Let us help you!


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There is a lot of noise in the world when it comes to how you should handle your money. Let's turn it off for a while and let us show you some of the basic money principals that tend to get ignored.


Hope and Direction

Many people are stressed and have a feeling of hopelessness about their financial life. LIFE WITHOUT PAYMENTS will give you hope and direction. Anyone can be a pro at money once you know the basics!


"Brad is a wonderful Financial coach. First of all, he has been where we are which makes it easier for him to understand the trials and tribulations that we have. All of the information is easy to comprehend and implement."

Sarah H.

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