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Financial Freedom, It's Not Just About Money!

At Balanced Cents, we strive to help you gain financial freedom. But do you know what financial freedom actually entails?

Financial freedom isn’t the obtainment of riches and possessions. It's a freedom you are granted when you reach a psychological state relating to money.

When you experience financial freedom, you'll find that the work you do is meaningful and far more important than earning a paycheck. You don’t count down the hours until you are out of work, or when your next payday is, or the next vacation. Every job has things that you don’t like to do. But if the majority of the mornings you wake up and you enjoy what you do for a living, that’s a sign you are working within your strengths.

You use money intentionally when you have financial freedom. Money doesn’t happen to you. It isn’t a result of your circumstances; rather it's used as tool to help you in your overall plan. Money comes to you because you are intentional and proactive. It doesn’t arrive at your doorstep while watching TV.

No more stress, anxiety, guilt or shame. Money isn't a constant thought anymore. In fact, you won't really think about it that much. Every month, you'll do your budget and be confident in knowing that you have a plan for your money.

Being in debt robs you of opportunity. Being free of it gives you freedom of choice and the freedom to take advantage of opportunities that fit within your overall plan. 


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