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Skip The Brain Freeze and Heat Up Your Savings!

We're turning our focus on saving money, and every week we're going to tackle a new way to save on things you’re already spending money on. By taking action and doing some of the stuff we’re talking about here in this series, you can build your first emergency fund and pay down tons of debt.
The next tip we're sharing is how to save tons of money by stopping a really expensive habit—buying food and drinks and whatever else you need at a convenience store or gas station!
You might be thinking, really? YES, REALLY! When I first started my coaching business even I was shocked to learn how many of my clients have a routine of stopping at the gas station or convenience store to pick up their favorite beverages and snacks.
It’s amazing to me that people will pay crazy inflated prices for the same thing they can get right down the street at their local grocery store for a much cheaper price. Now I get it, once in a while you may be running short on time, but this shouldn't be an everyday occurrence.
I live in an average sized city, and I have counted 14  grocery stores! FOURTEEN! That means there are 14 opportunities to spend less money for the same stuff. 
This is a big habit change for many people. So if you’re one who likes to stop into the local gas station and convenience stores for your habit fix, I'm going to challenge you. The next time you stop in, just write down what you bought and how much you spent. Total it up for an entire month. Then I challenge you to take this one step further, and see how much it would’ve cost you to buy those items at your local grocery store. INSTANT SAVINGS! 
Remember, most people make the mistake and only think about and consider big purchases because of the big price tags, but it’s the small ones that add up and can be the most dangerous because, "It’s only a few dollars!"
Make a plan and pick those items up at the local grocery store. Your savings account will thank you!
With just a few simple changes and spending a little time, you can save yourself tons of money, freeing up cash to save your first emergency fund, pay down your debts, or even saving for your future! Go ahead and get started. I can't wait to hear how much you save!
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