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Roots of Personal Finance Member Spotlight: Hayley Gonzalez

As a full-time college student and single mom going through a divorce, Hayley Gonzalez knew she needed to learn how to control her finances better. She wanted to deepen her understanding of debt and how to eliminate and avoid it.

"Roots has definitely helped me admit to my behavior and be aware of it. Prior to Roots, I was eating out or ordering take out at least three times a week. Now, it's about three times a month!" Hayley also has a penchant for the dollar section of Target that she still struggles with, but has gotten better since starting Roots.

Hayley has been able to save $1,150 for her emergency fund and start a separate savings account.  She hasn't used a single dollar from a credit card since Roots and now has a sense of relief. "I have found happiness in knowing that I don't have to be tied down by debt and that debt doesn't have to be the answer to everything."

Budgeting consistently is definitely key when it comes to getting on track with your finances and Hayley is able to do that now with confidence. 

Hayley's financial advice: "Stop buying debt. Save the money instead."


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