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This Is Your Biggest Cheerleader

Whether you are trying to lose weight, pay off debt, start a business, or better your life in anyway there are going to be people that are going to talk behind your back.

Why? I don’t know? You see I love to watch people have success. Especially after I know how much hard work it took to get to where they are. That is inspiring!

One of my most favorite things is getting emails from people “I have money in my savings for the first time” “I paid off my credit card” “I only have one more payment on my car”. Those are super fun and they energize me even more to work harder on my own goals.

I guess that is the difference. When someone from your family, a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker has success with anything we really have two choices, right?

We have the choice to lift them up and celebrate them; allow their success to inspire us in our own lives so that we may become all that we want to be. Or we can belittle their accomplishments and say things like “they didn’t earn it”, “that’s easy anyone can do that”, and let jealousy and envy eat away at us.

Oh, there is a third choice. And I want you to be prepared. The third choice can be the worst and the most hurtful. The third choice is to praise and lift people up in public, but in private talk behind their back and discount their accomplishments to other peers in private conversation. Yep, that hurts trust me!

Here is the thing. Whatever it is you are working on right now. I don’t care what it is you have to want it for YOU! You can’t want it for proving someone wrong. You can’t want it to fit in. You can’t want it for any other reason than to become the person YOU want to become. You have to do it knowing there isn’t going to be a grand celebration for you when you reach that goal. It’s sad I know, but it’s reality.

I had a mountain of people tell me that becoming debt free was impossible years before I ever reached that goal. People told me I was crazy, that won’t work, you can’t do that. Years later I proved them all wrong and do you know how many people were at the celebration the day I became debt free? I had one single fan, my fiancé at the time who is now my wife. It was a hell of a celebration, man we had fun!

But those people that doubted, that tried to talk me out of it, that said I was nuts, that never said they were wrong, yeah they never said one single peep to me about that achievement.

If you are trying to prove the naysayers wrong you are never going to be satisfied.

You define what success is in your life. If you count on others to define your success you will be very disappointed.

Lastly, when you find that people are picking on you, making fun of whatever it is you are doing. That is a sign you are on the right track so don’t give up, KEEP GOING! And if you find that people are talking behind your back because of your success you know you have accomplished something so celebrate it!

After all would they be talking at all if there wasn’t something to talk about?