Welcome to episode #10 of The Debt Free Dad Podcast. Believe it or not, there are some common beliefs about debt and money that are actually LIES. They ARE NOT TRUE! You may have heard the term, "Truthiness" But what does that even mean… and why does it matter to you when it comes to having success with money and getting out of debt? Find out in today's episode.

In an Information Age driven by round the clock news, ranting talk radio and editorless blogging, truthiness captures all the incidental, accidental, and even intentional falsehoods that sound just truthy enough for us to accept as true. The problem is we tend to act on what we believe even when what we believe isn’t anything we should.

We are going to be discussing 9 Truthiness statements when it comes to debt that society has come to accept as true even though they are a big huge LIE.

What You’ll Learn

  • What you know about money and debt may be false.
  • Hear the real truth behind these truthiness beliefs about money and debt.
  • Challenge your normal thinking, because that thinking could be keeping you broke.

Question of the Show

"I am getting married, but we are also getting out of debt. We don’t want our payments holding us down as we begin our lives together. How can we pay cash for a nice wedding, but still be aggressive in paying off our debts?"

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On the show, Brad shares tips and tricks that have helped him, and thousands of others save and pay off millions of dollars. By listening, you'll gain the confidence and motivation you need to kick debt and financial stress for good!

Money and personal finance are one of the leading causes of stress among adults, but it doesn't have to be that way. By mastering the basics, you can completely change your entire life. Welcome to the Debt Free Dad Podcast! We're glad you're here!

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Your Host, Brad Nelson

Brad, and his wife, Sarah, run two at-home businesses where they spend the majority of the time with their kids. Entrepreneurship and living debt-free has provided them with the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, and the ability to spend more time on the things they love most!